Warwickshire Birthday Photographer – Thea and her Birthdays

When a client comes back for photos over and overĀ  it’s the most joyful thing to see how life has moved on… what’s changed and what’s stayed the same (even more than the happy feeling of ongoing support for my little business). All the more so when there are kiddos in front of theĀ camera, they’re mini walking talking representations of the infinite ways that time is marching on.

Miss Thea is most definitely a little muse of mine, she gives me side eye for days when her face isn’t filled with pure joy, she’s got better style than I’ll ever have (that’ll be because her Mum is the same!) and she’s fierce in ways I wish I could be now I’m in my 30’s.

Today is her fourth birthday and we’ll have another party to capture this weekend. So I’ve taken a look back over the last 3 birthday parties and loved looking at how much she has grown. Every year her Mum has held a small family gathering, put on some excellent nibbles and made an outstanding personalised cake. Lucky me gets to document it, come see…


Thea is 1



Thea is 2


Thea is 3

Happy Birthday Lovely Girl