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How exciting to be planning a winter wedding, they can be magical and snug and full of as much joy as summer weddings – but there are some extra things you need to consider. Often couples spend lots of their summer thinking about their winter wedding and making plans, and it can sometimes be a […]


This tiny 8 person London City elopement was a joyful change of pace for me! Brogan and James were married at the Covent Garden Hotel on a glorious Spring day in 2017, watched on by just their parents and James’ sister and her partner. They had a first look and a few quick relaxed romantic […]


When a client comes back for photos over and overĀ  it’s the most joyful thing to see how life has moved on… what’s changed and what’s stayed the same (even more than the happy feeling of ongoing support for my little business). All the more so when there are kiddos in front of theĀ camera, they’re […]


We had a lovely day spent playing, dancing, scooting and playing pooh sticks in Kings Heath and Canon Hill Park.  


Relaxed maternity photos at home were the order of the day when I visited Amy and George in Surrey. Sadly we missed James who was off on his travels with the England Rugby 7’s team… so nothing much exciting then!! We made our own fun playing trains, having all the cuddles and getting excited about […]


Confetti Throw Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Well hey, hi, how you doing? Looks like my fresh new site is up and running and it’s about time I got some words and photos here for you!   First up I’m going to share some of the beautiful weddings I’ve photographed that I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on blogs and in […]


Fun Confetti Photo

Well things are a little quiet around here, but busy behind the scenes. So check back again soon! Dani <3



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This is me in my comfort zone.

You'll mostly find me hanging out in Birmingham with my wedding photographer buddies, always with colourful hair and a camera.

My happy places are eating avocado on sourdough at my favourite brunch spot, dancing around my kitsch bungalow kitchen, having all the cuddles with my boy "Big Little C" (my life's best work!), eating pizza with my very lovely partner and keeping up with threads in far too many whatsapp groups.


Just a small town girl.

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- I'm obsessed with red shoes
- My iphone 7 is my lifeline
- frogs scare me
- I will do anything for a peppermint mocha
- I've never been on an airplane
- Mountain dew should be a food group