it's LOVELY to have you here!

Hi! I'm Dani

things that make me happy

• My boy Charlie aka Big Little C (you can expect to hear and see lots about him)

• Anything and everything chocolate orange

• Pyjama days

• A very rare weekend lie in and an even more rare weekend night out

• New York City: where I first picked up a camera while on a solo holiday and got hooked on photography

• Working late into the night

• Frequent hair colour changes

• Staying in touch with my clients, seeing how their lives change and seeing couples from previous weddings at new weddings (like Jo and Rachel over there in the photo)

• Making people kiss for photos, (especially grandparents!)

• Hugs. Big squeezy hugs. I give great hugs so you should expect many of them.


AND things I'm not keen on

• Bright strong sunshine, it's my nemesis and I blame my pale, English Rose skin

• The quick fade of my bright hair colours

• Rubbish internet connections that slow down my productivity

• Living quite far away from friends and family - I grew up in Hertfordshire, went to Uni in Sheffield, and lived in Essex before moving to the Midlands

• Hoovering - I did a happy dance when I found a bargain robot hoover to do it for me!

• Listening to voicemails - yeah, I know it's weird and not super helpful for work... so email me instead!

1. My Boy

2. My Mumma

3. My Work

My Great Loves

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